Yes, we’re back!

OK, you missed us… Well, a bit may be? Not at all?

Anyway, apart from our wives who actually did miss us, we’re back in town. Back from a trip whereby we missed our very early flight since the M11 was closed at 5 AM. Back from an energizing, informative, stimulating and exciting Podcast Summit in London. We’ve certainly had a very interesting two days whereby we not only learned from all the experts presenting their stuff, but also made contact with many, many people around the world having the same dream as us: make podcasting a world-class phenomenon.

We have been filming like crazy and will be covering the summit as soon as possible with a short video report on the event, and a bunch of in-depth interviews with key speakers and participants. We’ll also be writing a short summary of the things we’ve seen and learned.

In case you don’t want to wait, please check the blog of Jason ‘Naarden’ Van Orden.

So stay tuned…


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