Web Attack 101


Nice article in the BusinessWeek about what corporations should do in a case of a nasty blog attack (Dell Hell, anyone?). “Most companies are wholly unprepared to deal with the new nastiness that’s erupting online”, writes Michelle Conlin in her article. The article continues: “Millions of dollars in labor are being spent discussing whether or not you should respond on the Web”.

Like it or not, there is always a change that people start blogging about your company, your products, your services, or all of this at the same time. Companies have two options: ignore and hope it will go away, or respond to the attacks.

“Companies such as Lenovo, Soutwest Airlines and Dell have have specialist dedicated to engaging or co-opting their critics”. A whole new industry is emerging , with companies like BuzzLogic providing services to scan the internet to find bloggers and social media which are important to marketers.

In the article, 5 tips are provided for companies managing the menace of online mobs:

Engage critics
Create a blog so you can strike quickly. Establish ground rules, and filter nasty, anonymous comments.

Be vigilant
Hire a team of media experts to troll for bad news and trends. Know what influencers are saying about you at all times.

Jump in and open up
Address anything that could turn into a bonfire immediately. Replace ‘no comment’ with transparency, candor and humility.

Don’t overreact
Let tiny spasms of venom go. They’ll dissappear under the relentless pileup of new information.

Stay professional
Respond to personal attacks for strategic reasons, not psychological ones. Don’t use the Web for therapy.

Source: BusinessWeek, April 16, 2007

DigiRedo take: May be also a good read for the pharmaceutical industry. When we asked last week in Berlin which companies have a policy in place how to deal with cyber attacks it stayed pretty silent in the audience….

Switching to English here

We confess. We really had the intention to stick with the Dutch language, and to serve the Ducth market only. After all, there seems a lot of work in this small country.

Having been on several international congresses now, we concluded that the internet really is an international thingie. For that we already updated our website which is now in English and Dutch. Many of our potential customers couldn’t read our blog however, since that was still in Dutch.

Today we decided to go with the flow and start blogging in English. Sorry for the Dutch Language Purist Association, but hey, business is business.

We will try to translate all previous post in English in due time (that is, if we have some time left which seems not the case right now.

A very interesting presentation

We (hardly) couldn’t tell it any better ourselves:

Terug van Berlijn


Gisteren zijn we weer teruggekomen van ons reisje naar Berlijn waar we een presentatie hebben gegeven over internal podcasting op het Eyeforpharma ‘Online Marketing and eDetailing Congress‘ (kijk op 2e dag, 12:45 uur). Ongeveer 200 eBusiness managers and Media specialisten van de grootste farmaceuten waren aanwezig om te praten over nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van digitale marketing in de farmaceutische wereld.Een interessante paar dagen, waar we onder andere het volgende hebben opgestoken:De farma wereld is redelijk terughoudend op het gebied van nieuwe media.De interesse is zeker daar, maar men is angstig door de vele regels die gebruikelijk zijn in deze industrie.Een aantal bedrijven is al aan het podcasten (GlaxoSmithKline) en is daar succesvol mee (hoewel het natuurlijk belachelijk is dat deze op hun site nergens te vinden is).Nieuwe media zal wel een steeds belangrijkere rol gaan spelen om artsen te bereiken.Een aantal foto’s van onze stand en het congres:


Het publiek

Lezing over ROI van eDetailing


Wijze woorden van DigiRedo


Onze stand (wel de kleurrijkste natuurlijk, met dank aan onze house-designer)


Zoek het logo (duh…)


iMac met 4 video podcasts

We zijn op dit moment druk bezig om onze presentatie over interne podcasten te editten en daarna on line te zetten.
Stay tuned…

Dag van de lange staart

Geniaal stukje video…

Credit: Contribution Marketing

David heeft gelijk

Een interessant artikel vandaag gelezen in BusinessWeek van één van mijn favoriete bloggers: David Armano.

David heeft een blog ‘Logic+Emotion’ en schrijft daar over creativiteit, nieuwe media en design. In zijn artikel in BW gaat hij dieper in op de conversatie economie (It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid). Enkele interessante opmerkingen:

– Consumenten kunnen producenten, gebruikers en actieve participanten zijn in een conversatie, allemaal tegelijkertijd overigens.

– Marketeers en brand managers moeten conversatie architecten worden, willen ze kunnen inspelen op deze trends.

– Platformen zoals YouTube, Flickr, MySpace,… faciliteren conversatie, conversatie leidt tot relatie en relatie brengt affiniteit met het merk/groep.

– Bij het opzetten van een communicatiecampagne moeten we ons niet afvragen: ‘Wat gaan we communiceren?’, maar ‘Hoe gaan we faciliteren?’

Lees het hele artikel hier.

Some pics of the Corporate Podcast Summit


Dean Whitbread (UK Podcasters Association) can’t stop himself making a podcast ‘on the fly’


Nick from Wells Park Communications is wondering who those guys with that big camera are.


René in discussion with the Congress Director, Anita


Also we can’t stop ourselves shooting for our video podcast series (courtesy of Jagelado)


Jimmy Golding in action (courtesy of Jagelado)


René interogating Nick from Wells Park Communications (courtesy of Jagelado)

Impression Corporate Podcast Summit 2007

Oops! We were a bit busy with the preparations of the eDetailing and Online Marketing Congress which will be held in Berlin on April 18-19. More about that in a later post.

In the meantime we did find some resources to put together the first episode of the Corporate Podcast Summit 2007 podcast. Before you will be able to find us in iTunes and subscribe to it (highly recommended), check below the video:

Update: You can now subscribe to the podcast series and don’t miss any episode by clicking this link (opens iTunes). Alternatively, click here to find the RSS feed for your favorite podcatch program.

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