Mac users more on Web 2.0


Investment analysts at ThinkEquity Partners LLC are reiterating their Buy rating on shares of Apple this week, citing recent studies that show Mac users are twice as active in the Web 2.0 ecosystem and purchase better technology than their PC counterparts.

“This Mac OS market share is higher than our estimate of an approximate 5 percent market share of the total PC market,” the analyst told clients. “However, Net Applications’ survey is based on usage, and the results appear to indicate that Mac users spend more time online and/or visit more Websites than Windows users per session.”

In his note, Hoopes also pointed to a recent analysis of a Forrester study conducted by Ars Technica, which found that over 20 percent of Mac users, or twice as many as Dell users, are “Creators” involved in the production of Web 2.0 content.

The study also concluded that Mac users are also more likely to be critics, spectators and participants in social groups. In all, the study found that only 35 percent of Mac users are “inactive”, versus inactivity levels around 55 percent for Dell users, who are also less likely to be involved in the Web 2.0 ecosystem.

“The results support the idea that a higher percentage of Mac users overlap with the younger Web 2.0 crowd,” wrote Hoopes. “This group has higher demand for computer functionality and performance, and are more likely than average PC users to purchase better technology to support their activities.”

The ThinkEquity analyst said it’s his opinion that Apple has established a premium image with a less price-sensitive group.


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