Finally protected

Are we in ‘collecting, preparing, photographing, recording, writing, announcing and publishing news or information related to local, national or international events or other subjects that are of interest for the general public’?

Yes, I would say so.

Good to hear that from now on, we as bloggers have the same rights as another reporting professional (like reporters). Well, in the US that is. There an amendment to the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 has been approved which gives bloggers the same protection of their sources as their reporting counterparts. It all started last year when Apple wanted to force bloggers by means of legal pressure to reveal their sources so that Apple, tradionally very close to the chest as far as new product information is concerned, could close the leaks. The judge decided otherwise, and now it’s official.

In the Netherlands protection of the source is not included in the law. Here more the professional ethics decide what’s good and not good.

Something tells me that this will change in the future…

Source (Dutch)



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