Finally somebody’s getting it in Pharma

In a recent article in Pharmaceutical Executive Europe, Martin Roca explains the power of podcasting for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Medical societies are adopting the podcast format to extend the reach of a variety of information they wish to convey. The power of this format comes from its ubiquity, accessibility and portability compared to other media such as webcasting and CD-ROMs”, Martin writes. He further explains that the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) were the first to offer a multimedia approach towards congresses (subscriptions, virtual sessions). “These societies understand that their target audience — busy members, from clinicians to business people — want to access annual meeting presentations through a variety of media, and so they have begun to develop virtual meeting packages, which include webcasts and podcasts of the sessions”.

Martin ends his article with summing up some opportunities for marketers, which is mainly sponsoring and image building. Although the latter is a bit narrow (there are many more ways of using podcasting in the (pharmaceutical) industry as an effective tool, for example internal podcasting), it’s good to hear that the ball is rolling.

Hello Big Pharma, are you listening…?

Full article here.


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