Our next trip


Yes! Todat we booked our flight to Ontario, California to go to the 3rd Annual Podcast & New Media Expo. This sure is very, very exciting and we’re very much looking forward to it. I mean, the Corporate Podcasting Summit in London was already exciting, this one is 5 times bigger… The congress is from September 28-30. And since we’re there anyway we’ll be going to Los Angeles as well (anybody some tips to see Los Angeles in one day?)

Topics include:

  • Sound Matters – Technique and Technology to Make Your Message Loud and Clear
  • Building a Podcasting Network from the Ground Up: Lessons Learned
  • Selling the Unique Value of Your Content: Determining What Your Show is Worth and Convey It
  • Distributing Video in Various Formats: How To Make the Right Choice
  • Content Creation The CreativeCow Way
  • Interviews that ROCK: Getting the Most out of your Guests
  • Integrating Podcasts into Marketing, PR and Corporate Communications Campaigns
  • How To Make Your Web Video Wildly Popular
  • Video Production for the Marketing Professional
  • Music Licensing for Podcasts and New Media – A Crash Course
  • Views on the New Wave of Serial Video Content From Independent Video Podcasters
  • Guerilla Love: How To Get Your Name Out There, Share The Love of Life and Make ’em Smile!
  • The 7 Secrets of Monetization That Big Media Hopes You Don’t Figure Out
  • The Passion and Pain of Producing a Professional “How To” Video Podcast
  • Metrics in New Media: Showing Results and Judging Success
  • Understanding Your Content Liability Risks in New Media
  • A Guide to Promoting and Marketing Your Business Podcast Online and Off
  • Growing the Market by Podcasting Customized Content
  • Simple Post-Production Techniques to Get Professional-Sounding Podcasts
  • Screencasting 101
  • Master Radio Techniques and Avoid Radio Traps
  • 10 Secret Habits to Podcast Stardom
  • Selling Advertising and Sponsorships for Your Audio or Video Content
  • Creating Compelling Content with Organized Video Shoots
  • Applications for Teachers and Learners (K-12 Emphasis)
  • How To Make Your Content Easy For “Grandma” to Consume
  • 3D Your Content: Using Virtual Worlds Like Second Life to Find and Grow Your Show
  • The Real ROI of Podcasting and New Media for Corporate Organizations
  • 88SLIDE: Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Little Game Show in the World
  • Educators and the Podcast Interview: Your Educational Ace In The Hole!
  • Veterans of the Yahoo! Podcasting Board: What We’ve Learned These Past Two Years
  • Video Podcasting for Business: Six Steps to Creating Your Branded IPTV
  • Building a Multimedia Publishing, Consulting and Learning Programs Around Your Podcast
  • Video Podcast Content Creation: The Real Story Behind Producing for Tiny Screens
  • How To Promote Independent Music with Podcasts and Online Video
  • Getting Started with Audacity: Hands On Demos With The Free Audio Editor
  • How to Generate Buzz and Extend Your Brand with Social Media
  • Making Money with Sponsorships and Advertising
  • Fix My Audio! Learning Noise Reduction and Sound Enhancement
  • Podcasting for Nonprofits, Associations and Societies
  • But, Honey, It’s for The Studio! Upgrading the Basic Podcaster’s Set-up
  • Podcasting a Better You
  • What Sponsors and Advertisers Are Expecting From New Media
  • Building a Television Studio in your Basement
  • Best Practices for the Instructional Application of Podcasting in Higher Education
  • Planning and Automating Your Podcast Workflow To Save You Time and Headaches
  • Creative Ways to Grow Your Audience Every Week
  • Building a Business Around Your Podcast
  • Compression Killed The Video Star
  • Case Study: Student to Student Podcast Development on an iTunes University Site
  • OMG… that’s a lot of content folks! In addition, there is a huge commercial exhibition where we hope to meet the big names such as Libsyn, Feedburner, Revver, etc. Thank God we are with the two of us so we can kind of split up and see as much as possible.

    Of course we will be covering the event with a video podcast series and blog posts.

    See for more info (and registration) here.


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