Rumour: Google wants to buy Feedburner


Well, it’s just rumour, but it’s an interesting one: according to Vecosys Google is still hungry for more and has set its target to RSS-company Feedburner.

Feedburner, amongst podcasters well known as it distributes RSS-feeds from other websites of which podcasts and blogs are a substantial part. In addition, it offers statistical services on the use of certain feeds as well as advertisement services. Many companies make use of the services of Feedburner. Also at DigiRedo we use Feedburner for the distribution of the RSS feeds of our podcasts and those of our customers. So that’s just a few of the 422.000 feeds that Feedburner supports.

Why would Google be interested in Feedburner? Well, to start with Google must be interested in getting grip on the growing RSS-market. Not only that, advertisement through RSS could be a welcome addition to Google’s Adsense for Feeds network. But there’s more.

According to (sorry, it’s in Dutch) Feedburner could be very helpful in Googles fight against splogs (spam blogs), artificially create weblogs that are used to create income through advertisements and for search engine optimization. With the statistics of Feedburner, Google is able to distinguish splogs from blogs.

As said, it’s just a rumour, so don’t buy or sell your shares yet…

Feedburner flame

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