Steve and Bill closely together


As an addict to the computer industry this piece of content is priceless. Today Bill Gates and Steve Jobs took the stage on D: All Things Digital and were interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Those two guys go a looong way back and both of them are legends by themselves.

We make no secret that we at DigiRedo have a ‘slight’ preference for fruit-branded computers, but even we have to admit that the other brand does have it good moments (pun intended ;-)). When I first laid my hands on a Spectrum ZX 81 (for some readers I might sound as a fossile right now but trust me, you become fossilized in this industry pretty fast), those guys were starting to run companies which would forever change the computer landscape.

This interview clearly shows that although they had and still have their competitive moments, they share a common thing: passion about computer technology and a desire to change the world. And they did.

Check the videos out here (and don’t forget to watch the prologue).

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