Confirmed: Google buys Feedburner

Feedburner flame

As already indicated earlier as a rumour, Google announced that they will indeed buy Feedburner, the RSS boosting company.

It will be very interesting to see this development, especially for advertising possibilities for podcasters.


iTunes Plus: it’s DRM free!

iTunes Plus.png

Already announced in early April, but now it’s for real: DRM free music is available through iTunes.

For only 0.30 cents more you can buy your music not only free of DRM, but also of better quality (256kbps AAC). Also music previously bought can be upgraded for this 0.30 cents. The only thing you need to do is upgrade your iTunes Music Store to iTunes Plus.

Although at present only music of the EMI label is available, Steve Jobs expects by the end of the year to be able to offer 50% of all the available music through the iTunes MS DRM free.

iTunes 7

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