Company blog is not simple

…according to a recent article in the Dutch magazine ‘Marketing Rendement’ (issue 5, May 2007). They even come up with some tips to improve your corporate blogging activities:

  • Be open, always
  • Reveal yourself as a company representative
  • Do not glorify your product or service
  • Be sure to know ‘social media’ and how this world works
  • Have a dialogue instead of a monologue
  • Be personal, approach people like a person
  • Offer a diversity of subjects on your blog
  • Make one person responsible, preferably somebody in your company with a good reputation
  • Participate actively in other blogs

2 Responses to Company blog is not simple

  1. Stephen says:

    Totally agree, it is very difficult to be fully transparent. On my blog, I like to promote my company, but sometimes feel it is stepping over the line… I guess the only way to be transaprent is to disclose such things.

  2. digiredo says:

    Absolutely Steve. It’s a thin line but being honest about it helps. We put our business link on our blogn and try to keep the news rather objective (at this moment we are mostly ‘Filters’ (read Citizen Marketers)) and filter the news related to new media. Once you start opinioning it becomes more vague.

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