Salvation is near


Since almost everybody is writing about the iPhone lately, our blog is a bit behind in this respect. That doesn’t mean that we are not overly excited about Apple’s new toy.June 29, the day mobile telephonie changed. “It’s an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator”, for those of you who saw the introduction of the wonder device by Steve Jobs in January.

Since then the company was able to create a buzz which is even for today’s standard beyond any marketers comprehension. Up till the actual launch, Apple has earned $1.5 billion worth of buzz marketing. See the graph for yourself:


At it’s introduction, 1.5% of the blogs in the blogosphere wrote about the iPhone. Buzz is increasing again towards the launch this Friday. Would be interesting to see what happens after that.

Apple is master in creating buzz, but this time they really put all valves in action. Read what can be found on the net which impresses me most:

– The iPhone is the next big thing after Graham Bell invented the phone (source)
– Apple will most probably make $200 million in the first 4 hours of sales (source)
– Apple and AT&T have hired 2,000 people extra for ‘crowd control’ (source)
– The first shipment of iPhones arrived from Asia in the States, under armed control (source)

Will the iPhone deliver? Well, after I saw the 25 minutes instruction movie I have little doubt. I can’t wait to try it out myself, though Europe has to wait till end of this year. Oh well, we might get the second revision.

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