Adult learning


Just surfing around a bit and hit some articles on adult learning. Our training sessions on New Media are based on adult learning principles, and also our partners in professional learning use these techniques. Some findings:

  • Keep them engaged
  • Use different forms of media
  • Training should be comfortable
  • They have a desire to control content, pace and start/stop time
  • The newly learned information should be retained
  • At DigiRedo we have developed new media strategies which take all these factors into consideration. For example, podcasting is a perfect tool to allow students to be in control of their own time and pace of the study. Also, by developing a recurrent series of the study using podcasting, the stuff people learned can be retained more easily.The fact whether it is engaging depends 1) on the teacher, and 2) the way it is edited in post-production.

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    One Response to Adult learning

    1. Lori Schultz says:

      I enjoyed your adult learning blog. I am about to receive my certification in e-learning and am putting together an e-portfolio for myself and I was hoping I could use the pic that you have on this subject matter on my website. The pic is at your site at Please let me know via e-mail if it’s OK.

      Thank you,


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