One week post launch


$ 1.5 billion in buzzvertising. Was it all worth? What happened with the iPhone in the first week of its infancy. A short wrap-up.

  • Apple sold about 500,000 iPhones during launch day. Mind you, that is approx. $250 million in just one day (give or take a few million $). Clearly this has been the biggest launch in the US history, value-wise. Some analysts even think they go beyond 700,000 units.
  • There have been some glitches with the activation of the iPhone (which happens at home through iTunes) but that was mainly with people who wanted to transfer their existing number. Seems to be resolved now.
  • At this moment all iPhones are sold out.
  • AT&T has confirmed that 1,000,000 iPhones were activated in one week.
  • The reviews have been raving. CBS News says that it is a ‘truly remarkable accomplishment, innovative, inspired’, TIME says: ‘the best phone anybody has ever made, ever’, the Philidelphia inquirer wrote that the ‘iPhone rocks’. BusinessWeek gives the iPhone 4.5 stars out of 5.
  • One point of citicism was that you could not change the battery. Apple has released a battery replacement program. For $85.95 per unit you can change your battery out of warranty.
  • Stock of Apple have soared to an all time high (as we write it’s $132.14)
  • iPhone buyers in the queue waiting for their iPhone: 95% bought the 8GB, 75% were Mac users, 68% said to continue using their iPod, 48% was already customer of AT&T (that means that AT&T got 500,000 customers in one week)

Walt Mossberg, the famous Wall Street Journal hi-tech reporter has posted his first findings on YouTube:

There are even some unhidden features which were unlocked by some customers:

Engagdet has put one of the best reviews of the new device on the net. Of course there were also some critical notes. Ten things you should know about the iPhone before you bu can be found here.

Well, here in Europe we have to wait for a few months anyway. By then we hope most early ‘problems’ will be solved. We’re already putting some money aside.

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