No more gambling in Second Life


The fun is over. Uncle Sam has found us and together with Big Brother has forbidden all gambling activities in Second Life. If you don’t comply to the new rule, you run the risk that all your personal information is handed over to the respective authorities (in real life, that is). It also came to light that several FBI agents were already wandering around to check things out.

Some casino owners on SL were furious (which I can understand), since they completely lost their business. Other people claimed that SL is finally growing up, since it’s not only banning gambling, also virtual sex will be controlled. Age control is one of the methods Linden Labs will use.

DigiRedo take: Growing up or not, fact is that the internet became (and still is) so big because -let’s face it- sex and gambling. For sure these new rules will not work in favor of SL, which is already losing customers. Less customers means less corporate investments. I have the feeling that SL is one of the things we proclaim later of having been a hype. Mind you, I truly believe in the concept, I think that the execution was pretty lousy. Yes, I have been on SL, walked and flew around, chatted with some hot chicks (digitally anyway), danced. But the speed was slow and the graphics sooo nineties. Let’s try again in 5 years, shall we?


One Response to No more gambling in Second Life

  1. Jerry says:

    Oh well.. you can always gamble at a real casino or an online casino.

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