Spock is looking for you


Say you’re looking for your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, or just wanna know what your own web presence is. Well, you go to MySpace, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and all the other social network places you can think of. Eventually you will find her/him, or find out that you should be more careful with your blog comments. A hell of a lot of work. That’s most probably the same as the founders of Spock.com thought.

Spock.com is for searching people the same as Google is for searching for web pages (innitially anyway). Go to http://www.spock.com, enter a name and be amazed. Spock’s spiders crawl the internet. mainly the social network places, gather information from that person and put it all nicely together in one page. Although the info is availabel somewhere, for some people it might be a bit shocking to see it all together now. I can imagine that: your profile on MySpace or FaceBook might be a bit different than your profile on LinkedIn. And yet, this is the person, in all his/her glory.

Spock is in beta (like all Web 2.0 applications are) but it caught already quite some buzz on the net.

Happy hunting!

More info here.

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