DigiRedo does Prague

It seems that New Media is really international because we don’t seem to be able to stop travelling. For Jacob Fleming, one of our clients, we went to Prague to fim their congress on Public Private Partnership in Central and Eastern Europe. An excerpt from their website:

“Central and Eastern Europe continues to be a very active market for PPP projects. There is a growing trend to analyze the opportunities that PPP schemes offer. The key drivers of successful projects tends to be in more education and practical examples, availability of EU grants and improvement of legal or institutional PPP framework.”

Very interesting subject of which you can learn more here. We sure met a lot of interesting people.

Soon on our TV channel: the impression of the PPP congress.


3 Responses to DigiRedo does Prague

  1. Wat is PPP? Ik ken het niet.

  2. digiredo says:

    PPP is a form of co-operation between the private sector and the public sector (e.g. authorities) in all forms of developments, such as highways, hospitals and so. Just go to wikipedia and type in ppp or public private partnetship.

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