DigiRedo does Barcelona


DigiRedo was sponsoring eyeforpharmas ‘Pharma Marketing Congress’, held in Barcelona on October 25 and 26. Some 100 people listened to our presentation on how media can change the business (yes, also in the pharma industry).

Before the congress we were asked by eyeforpharma to do the online media pre-congress activities by means of interviewing some of the key speakers. See the result here.

During the congress we did some 4 more interviews and currently we are preparing these interviews for eyeforpharmas post-congress activities. There will also be a general impression video of the congress.

Compared to the eDetailing and Online Marketing congress in April this year we believe that the pharma industry is opening up for the dialogue with not only their direct customers (e.g. doctors) but also the patients. Having a reputation which is sometimes -to say the least- ready for some improvement, Big Pharma is wetting it’s feet in new media. There were significant more presentations on Web 2.0 and the influence on business than earlier this year, and also the questions and interest we received was on a much higher level.

We look back to a very interesting congress whereby we’ve met many great people.


Update: Our presentation was announced ‘Best Presentation of the Congress’ according to the results of a questionnaire amongst the participants!

Kuddos to René…

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