Web video viewers logging more hours


According to an article on eMarketer (www.emarketer.com) 75% of online video viewers watch more video than they did a year ago, and it is expected that this will grow further. Also, 66% indicated that they prefer to have ads in the videos if that means the content was for free. Sixty percent of the respondents say that they took action after having sen an online video ad.

Short-form videos remain the mosr popular with viewers. The most watched types are:

  • Jokes/funny videos: 19%
  • News: 20%
  • Amateur video: 18%
  • Movie trailers: 33%
  • Music videos: 25%
  • Short clips from TV: 32%
  • Weather information: 18%
  • Ads: 29%
  • Sporting events: 15%
  • Full length TV shows: 17%
  • Concerts: 16%

DigiRedo take: So people watch more ads than sport events on the internet? Mmmm… don’t think so..

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