We are stringers

Eeehh… what? Stringers?

Stringers are independent audio/video producers who record and publish important events and interviews anywhere in the world. We have met Doug Kaye, Executive Director of the Conversation Network at the New Media Expo where he launched a new service called: PodCorps.org. From their website:

PodCorps.org is a new project of The Conversations Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Here’s how it works:

Stringers: We are building a community and database of PodCorps.org members, their locations, skills and interests. Want to help record audio or video? Join now. It’s free.

Tape Syncs: Want to find a PodCorps.org stringer to record the remote end of an interview (also known as a double-ender or simul-rec)? Our tape-sync matching system links producers and stringers worldwide.

Event Producers: Looking for a stringer to record your event? Once we reach 1,000 stringers in our database, we’ll open our matching system to event producers.

Check it out here and find us here.


Interesting website for New Media


Thousands of articles are written each day, and it’s hard to keep track of all the developments in the arena of New Media. Also we struggle to post on regular times info on these developments (simply because we also have a job to do which provides us some money to be able to do the basic things in life, such as eating, and heating your house).

I’m glad I found an interesting blog of Robin Good, called ‘Master New Media’. Although I haven’t dug into it very deep, it seems that Robin keeps track of all things New Media, and has some interesting ‘how to’ guides as a bonus. Check it out here.

DigiRedo does Igoville

An old post, I know, but it got kind of lost in my picture iPhoto library. We couldn’t find a bigger difference in podcast production between this one and the Amazing Moment – Pigs need Podcasting Too blogpost some weeks ago. As you can see, we have a rather diverse working environment.

Here we film a production facility of a pharmaceutical company. They produce, among others, antiparasitic products. So the next time you are bitten by a nasty bug, thank these kind of companies for being around.


DigiRedo does Kecskemét

Say again? Kecskemét is a city about an hour drive from Budapest, Hungary. There we went for our final trip for the Best Practice podcast series. This Best Practice focusses on human resources and motivation of employees. They came up with a simple yet powerful tool to motivate their people, and given the enthusiasm of them it was a success.

Anyway, it was yet again a great experience (and we got a nice party in a trendy place downtown Budapest as well).


DigiRedo does Disney

No doubt Disney is one of the strongest brands in the world. We were even told that the awareness of Mickey Mouse in the target audience (kids) is 100%. It’s every marketers dream to establish this brand power. But make no mistake, Disney protects its brand like a mother protects her children.

Also because of that we were impressed by the achievements of Zeelandia Italy with respect to the marketing of their Disney k!ds bread.

We had a great time and it is always good to see that the enthusiasm of people. The notice of management to involve all employees in the success is a critical and yet rewarding path to follow.

If only more companies would follow that advice…


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