We are stringers

Eeehh… what? Stringers?

Stringers are independent audio/video producers who record and publish important events and interviews anywhere in the world. We have met Doug Kaye, Executive Director of the Conversation Network at the New Media Expo where he launched a new service called: PodCorps.org. From their website:

PodCorps.org is a new project of The Conversations Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Here’s how it works:

Stringers: We are building a community and database of PodCorps.org members, their locations, skills and interests. Want to help record audio or video? Join now. It’s free.

Tape Syncs: Want to find a PodCorps.org stringer to record the remote end of an interview (also known as a double-ender or simul-rec)? Our tape-sync matching system links producers and stringers worldwide.

Event Producers: Looking for a stringer to record your event? Once we reach 1,000 stringers in our database, we’ll open our matching system to event producers.

Check it out here and find us here.


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