DigiRedo does Barcelona (again)


We just returned from an exciting trip to Barcelona (see previous post). So what are our experiences?

First and foremost, it seems that Big Pharma is really getting interested in Web 2.0 and the implications it has on the business. The second day was devoted mainly to Web 2.0 and new media in general. After an interesting presentation of Craig DeLarge (Novo Nordisk) we kicked off with our presentation about internal podcasting. The day ended with a panel discussion about the do’s and don’ts of Web 2.0 in pharma marketing, how to start Web 2.0 initiatives in this very regulated market and how to overcome internal hurdles. There was quite some interaction from the audience.

We did interviews with the following Key Speakers of the Pharma Marketing and the Generics congress:

  • Reinhard Angelmar – Professor of Marketing (INSEAD, France)
  • Ian Talmage – Senior Vice President Global Strategic Marketing (Bayer Schering Pharma, Germany)
  • Craig A. DeLarge – Associate Director eMarketing (Novo Nordisk, USA)
  • Keith Allan – Head of Global Advocacy (Novartis, Switzerland)
  • Brian Tempest – Chief Mentor and Executive Vice Chairman (Ranbaxy, India)
  • Nazmul Hassan – CEO (Beximco Pharmaceutical, Bangladesh)
  • Georg Cubuk – Managing Director (Esparma, Germany)

These people really had a very interesting story and we’ll sure link to these interviews as soon as Jacob Fleming puts them online.

It goes without saying that such conferences require a lot of preparation. The team of Jacob Fleming did a wonderful job and we sincerely would like to thank Samuel, Marina, Veronika and Petra for their contribution.

More news about these congresses later.


Our ‘studio’.


The post production editing room.


3/5th of the Expert Panel on Web 2.0 in Pharma.


The Jacob Fleming Team (Except for Samuel, who should be on this picture too. We promise to do that the next time we meet…)

We’re heading to Barcelona


Yep, again. This time to participte in the Jacob Fleming ‘4th Annual Achieving Pharma Marketing Excellence’. We are Gold Sponsor and have a presentation about ‘Engaging your audience by using New Media’ on the second day.

We will be doing 4 interviews with key speakers in the industry.

We are also invited to participate in an expert panel discussion on the do’s and don’ts for engaging in future new media channels and how to overcome the challenges of regulatory issues in pharma e-marketing. The expert panel will consist of industry experts in the pharma marketing.

After this congress there is another congress of Jacob Fleming in Barcelona, the ‘3rd Annual Marketing and Sales in Generics’. Here we’re asked to do some interviews as well.

Busy yet exciting times lie ahead. Wish us luck…

More info here.

The PPP in CEE portal. And proud of it.


Check it out. Our contribution to public private partnership in Central Eastern Europe. Courtesy of Jacob Fleming, for which we did the interviews during their congress.

Click here for the portal with videos.

Nice tool for podcasters

Like most podcasters, we have around 7 iPods laying around. I collect the devices like I used to collect Star Wars action figures when I was 12 (well, honestly, 24). An iPod nano for running, a 60GB for the ‘no-think-what-I-have -to-put-on-the-iPod-because-it’s-full’ iPod, the one with the phone crambled in (what’s the name again?), a shuffle because life is sort of random…

Fortunately I found yet another reason to buy  a new iPod: the Belkin iPod Mobile Podcast Studio. This little wonder, introduced at the CES has a dual XLR and 1/4-inch channels. No clue what these channels do, but 1/4 sounds impressive…

And for $100, it’s a bargain. Available in June.


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