Who’s watching User-Generated video?

A lot of people, according to a recent study done by Accustream iMedia Research entitled “UGV 2005-2008, from Mania To Mainstream”. On US based websites approx. 22 billion views were recorded, with an average of 10,695 views per video.

In a study done by Pew Internet & American Ligfe Project they found that “while more than three-quarters of 18-to-29-year-old Internet users had watched some type of online video in February or March 2007, more than half of 30-to-49-year-old Internet users had viewed online video as well. Nearly four out of 10 Internet users 65 and older had also tuned in, proving that the general online video audience is not exclusively young”, according to a recent article in eMarketer.


eMarketer concludes: “Online videos viewing in general is no longer a niche activity and is widespread among Internet users of all ages. Marketing that incorporates user-generated video, however, should probably still target young adults in particular.”

More info on http://www.emarketer.com

[blogpost posted in Moscow ;-)]

3 Responses to Who’s watching User-Generated video?

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m excited about these statistics since my company operates in this space (or will in two weeks once public beta is released). Traditional media powerhouses dismiss the power of UGV but I believe what is happening in the blogosphere world (top blogs are more popular than top newspapers) will also happen in the videosphere world (top video content will become more popular than TV).

    Quality will improve for 2008 so it’s an exciting time for this content as we are still only in the grassroots of this evolving marketplace.

  2. Sous says:

    Does anyone have the equivelent results for the UK market?

  3. DigiRedo says:

    @ Sous: I haven’t seen the UK figures, but I expect they differ not too much from the US ones.

    @ Jeremy: Totally agree, although I believe we are still some way from substituting TV…

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