All the facts together


Readers from our blog for sure know who Paul Colligan is, since we have dedicated a few posts on him. For those of you who have been living under a podcast stone, Paul is one of the early evangalists for podcasting in general and monetizing podcasts in particular.

Paul’s website (actually websiteS, since he has a complete arsenal) is a wealth of information for the podcaster. One of the very helpful pages is his statistics page. If you are like us, you always want to know whether this podcast thingie everybody is talking/blogging about is actually growing. Is the market expanding? What trends do we see?

A surprising amount of research is already done on this new medium, but the most difficult thing was to keep track of it.

Not anymore. Paul has made a comprehensive collection of statistics. Impress your friends and customers with some numbers here.

You can thank us (and Paul) later…

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