Internet Video Trends – by those who know

You all know that we have a thing or two with video. It is therefore in our interest that video on the web is getting more and more popular. Fortunately it is.

In a recent post in Robin Good’s blog he gives a summary of the Internet TV Platform future report, made by Jeremy Allaire and Adam Berrey, two key individuals behind Brightcove, a service we use on a very regular basis.

You should check out Robin’s blog, but let me give you a summary of the summary:

  • There are two major groups conssidered Internet TV Platforms: aggregators and platforms.
  • Aggregators bring consumers together at a destination
    • consumer sharing sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe),
    • commercial video portals (MSN, AOL, Joost),
    • social networks (FaceBook, MySpace)).
  • Platforms enable website publishers
    • internet TV platforms (Brightcove, the Platform, Maven Networks),
    • community platforms,
    • uber ad platforms (New category. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL main players))
  • Trends in 2008:
    • Branded Destinations (more specific branding to the audience),
    • Audience Networks (to bridge gap between aggregators and own branded detination),
    • Audience Monetization (use more technological tools to get some finance),
    • Contextual Publishing (put the right clip in front of the right audience),
    • High Quality Video (more full screen)

Check it out yourself here.

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