Apple TV Take 2: Finally we’re getting somewhere

olivia-munn-licks-apple-tv.jpgYesterday I was finally able to update my Apple TV to version 2. It took a while, it booted up about 24 times during the upgrade process, but eventually I got there.After the amazing cool intro (new one) the splash screen popped up. It was completely different, and of course I started exploring immediately.I read that the iTunes Store could be accessed directly from the Apple TV. This is not only true for music, but also for podcasts. And now it’s getting interesting…When you navigate to the podcast directory on the splash screen you can choose between:

  • Favorites
  • Top Podcasts
  • Genres
  • Providers
  • Search
  • My Podcasts

rentals_gal01_200802083.jpgI checked the Top Podcasts and there you are presented with a screen with the ..eeehhh… top podcasts. I selected MacBreak video, where I found out that they have a whole series on MacWorld. Select one, choose Play and off you go…It’s funny. I mean, nothing new here except that I can now see these episodes on my big LCD. And then it hit me. This will be the future of television. I was looking to high quality content, made by people without intervention of any producing company, broadcaster, expensive frequencies, etcetera.This is what New Media is all about.  It’s starting…Check out the guided tour here. And don’t forget to go to Apple’s website to see some cool way of presenting a new product.afbeelding-166.png

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