Video Search Marketing is here to stay


As written in a recent article in PRWeb.

“According to data at which ranks websites according to their visitor traffic, Web 2.0 video sharing site has now overtaken as the world’s second most visited website. Is this proof that video search marketing has come of age and is becoming a threat to traditional online search?”, PRWeb writes.

Website traffic expert saw a spike in traffic at popular video sites such as YouTube which made him decide to check it out himself. “As someone who had previously focused on online marketing through traditional search using PPC and SEO, I initially assumed that video sharing sites were going to be a fad with little marketing potential,” explains Riley. “But when I noticed niche content videos posted to these sites were getting a massive number of views and also showing up high in the search engine results pages for relevant keywords, I knew the potential for marketing with videos was about to explode.

“He started to make some simple movies and uploaded them to the usual video websites. “the response was incredible, with many people viewing, leaving comments and interacting with the videos.”Next he checked if this level of engagement could eventually be converted to an increase in sales. “Although I was excited at the traffic these videos received, I was even more surprised when I noticed that these promotions really did increase website traffic to our sites that converted into leads and sales,” says Riley. “In fact, the conversion rates on some of our video promotions are as good as the results we get with some of our traditional search campaigns.

“Riley is a firm believer that including video will increase your website traffic considerably. Check out his websiet specialized in online monetizing here.You can find the original article here.

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