New Media and senior citizens

“The older we get, the more we fall behind the technological developments around us.”


More and more seniors go online. Eighty-four percent of seniors between 50-64 years do have a computer and 77% of them have access to the internet. This is not very much different from younger generations. Even though these percentages decline with the increase of age (i.e. 65-74 years: 54% owns a computer and 42% has internet access), a substantial part of the growth of the internet can be contributed to seniors (source: Dutch Social and Cultural Research Center).

But what about New Media? Are seniors aware of New Media and the Collaborative Web?

Although figures on the latter are lacking, for sure there is an increased interest, we noticed. Hence our invitation by Probus Venlo (The Netherlands), a society club for retired professionals and business people, which strives for solidarity and friendship amongst each other. Probus asked us to give a presentation on New Media, the impact it has on our lives in general and on business in particular. And indeed, the above mentioned results were confirmed as almost all of them have a computer and regularly use the internet. However, many of them were not completely familiar with blogging, podcasting and the power of Web 2.0. With great pleasure we presented our New Media Masterclass and with great interest they digested the information. “Incredibly exciting”, one of them replied over dinner after the meeting, “but also a little scary, as people now can make or break companies and brands.” “But also realize the opportunities it has for businesses and organizations”, was another response, “especially for internal communication. And, let’s face it, this is just the beginning.”

And they couldn’t be more right…it’s only just the beginning.

We would like to thank the people from Probus for their interest, the dinner and the pleasant meeting. For further information and (an earlier version of) the presentation given I would like to refer to our website



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