Where to submit my podcast?

Ever had a customer asking that question so now and then? Of course you know at least 80 places to submit your piece of art. That is, when you read and memorize this blog post first.

Voila, you remain to be the expert…

New Media Expo open for registration


Last year was a hit, this year will be even better. Well, according to Tim Bourquin, founder of the New Media Expo 2008. And most probably he’s right, since we do not know a lot of conference organizers who have such a fresh look at how to organize this. Last year we had a lot of fun and got ourselves truckloads of info and useful contacts.

This year obviously we will be heading to the States again for the single biggest event in New Media in the world. The program looks exiting and the venue as well. Be sure that we will blog a lot about it, in due time.

Anyway, the online registration desk is open since today so get over there and sign in. See you in Vegas!

DigiRedo does Brussels – Plugg Conference


As you have read, last Wednesday, March 19 we drove (early) to Brussels to participate in the Plugg 2008 Conference. The agenda certainly looked promising, with a lot of lectures:

  • Social Computing in Europe
  • Investors view on the Web 2.0 developments
  • Sun’s Innovation for Participation
  • Panel of Social Web Professionals
  • Mobile 2.0
  • The Rise of UCG


In addition to that we were very eager to see the 20 start up companies battling for the Start-Ups Rally Awards. In two rounds these 20 companies had to present themselves and their ideas to a professional jury and to the audience (yeah, we could vote too!). The first round was 2 minutes each, the second round only three companies remained which got 10 minutes to present themselves more in-depth.

It was certainly inspiring to see the guys (yes, only guys on stage) doing their elevator pitch, finding creative ways to convince the audience and the jury. Now, looking to the ideas of these new companies, some of them were absolutely great, others were so so. Let’s have a closer look to a few of them (watch also the particular Web 2.0 logos):



Viewdle is a facial recognition powered digital media platform for easily indexing, searching & monetizing video assets.

DigiRedo explanation: Type a search for a person and Viewdle will look inside videos to find that person.



Wuala is a new way of storing, sharing, and publishing files on the internet. It’s a free desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that brings you a convenient and secure online storage. Unlike traditional online storage systems, Wuala is decentralized and can harness idle resources of participating computers to build a large, secure, and reliable online storage. This new technology has a number of advantages and it allows us to provide you a better service for free.

DigiRedo explanation: Use free hard disk space from other users’ computer doing nothing. Free only if you give away hard disk space yourself.



The place to dare your friends, record the challenge, upload evidence and brag about it forever.

DigiRedo explanation: Come up with a stupid challenge (sort of JackAss), dare your friends (the more say you won’t do it, the more stimulating), do it, tape it and publish it.



Floobs enables anyone to setup their own live internet and mobile TV Channel. Managing your own Channel is fun and easy. You can broadcast live video and previously recorded video without installing any additional software.

DigiRedo explanation: Record with anything, manage online and publish to anything.



FREE global messaging service which lets you take your social life everywhere you go on your phone.

DigiRedo explanation: Install the software and take FaceBook (and a bunch of other social media networks) along with you.

TV Trip


TVtrip is a search engine for hotels that uses unbiased videos filmed by us to help you make the right hotel choice. TVtrip displays videos of all hotel facilities and room categories, as well as detailed information and videos about the surrounding area. With TVtrip, you can find the best prices from multiple trusted booking partners to complete your booking.

DigiRedo explanation: If you want to book a hotel, don’t believe the nice pics on the website but check TVTrip first to see videos of your hotel – if available (but who says these  are unbiassed and no ‘infomercials’?)



Zilok is a centralized online rental marketplace. Zilok allows anyone, whether individuals or professionals, to rent or offer for rent anything in a few clicks!

If you need a special tool for a weekend, a fancy purse for an evening or an extra bike for a visitor, all you need to do is search and select the item you want for rent, at the most convenient location.

DigiRedo explanation: There’s a lot of stuff laying in people’s attics and boxes. Why not rent it out to people in your neighborhood – and let Zilok do the facilitation.



123people is a people search engine that looks into nearly every corner of the Web to help you find information on everyone you (want to) know. Using our proprietary search algorithm, you can find comprehensive and centralized people profiles consisting of images, videos, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking and Wikipedia profiles and much more. All of this rich media profile content is pulled from an extensive list of international sources like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube and Wikipedia.

DigiRedo explanation: Wanna find that ex? Or what your boss has been doing online? Check out 123People. You will be amazed. O yeah, check yourself too…



Web 2.0 analytics

DigiRedo explanation: Free tip – always explain on your website what you are doing..



Social network for sportclubs.



Mippin optimises the latest content from websites into the perfect format for mobile phone screens. It provides users with instant and convenient access to the most up-to-date news, blogs and other business and lifestyle information.

DigiRedo Explanation: Yet another tool to bring Web 2.0 to your mobile.



MyOwnDB is a web application with the goal to let you manage your data easily. You can view it as a database with which you get an interface to enter, modify, delete and search data once you’ve define its structure.

DigiRedo explanation: Eehhh.. yeah, right. Could not really figure out what they are doing.



HumanGrid offers new methods for data processing: pattern recognition (such as image or video classification); media tagging (for example, metadata extraction, indexing and taxonomy validation), and services such as annotation, audio transcription and content repurposing.

DigiRedo explanation: Let other people identify stuff on pictures, pay them a bit, and sell this knowledge for a lot.


The winner of the Runners Up Rally was Viewdle. Not suprisingly, since this technology could be a breakthrough. I’m only wondering what happens to this company if Google enter this field as well (it seems that Google has a thing or two in search technology and lately also in video).

Nice detail by the way is that the technology used on Viewdle comes from old KGB technology, which is now apparently used for better purposes.


3D desktop with Wii remote

A lot of people are looking for the ‘next big thing’ on desktop development and many think it’s gonna be a 3D environment. But how to get that? Using advanced technologies in screens? Colored pixels with colored glasses? Holograms? Johny Lee thinks the Wii remote would do just fine:

Testing the water – Social Media and the Pharma industry

While I am waiting for my flight back to Amsterdam, I might as well share the experience I had today in Berlin. I was invited by a pharmaceutical company to help them understand Social Media. I gave a presentation to the European Marketing Managers explaining what Social Media is and how to use it. As one of the participants mentioned to me at the end of my presentation: “Of all the industries, I feel that banks and pharmaceutical companies are the most cautious businesses in getting involved in this new phenomenon”. And he is right. Big Pharma, heavily regulated as it is, is indeed very, very careful. On one hand understandable, as their hands are tight when it comes to open and direct communication about their (prescription) products. They are simply not allowed to do so. But on the other hand, just realize what great opportunities lay ahead of them. Let’s face it, what is more precious to people and their love ones? Exactly, their health!

I shared best and worst practice examples of New Media and social computing of both FMCG as well as pharma. Some of the big pharma boys are testing the water, some even quite successfully. From blogs and podcasts to viral marketing. And similar to the responses of the community to the famous Dove evolution commercial, we see exactley the same response to some pharma products, in this case in the USA (click for pharma commercial and parody).

Therefore, my message is: get involved, test the water, learn to understand the power of new media and experiment. Reach out and try to locate your community and listen to what they have to say.what they tell you. And if you dare, talk with them. Yes it is scary, and yes there are risks involved, but the benefits can be tremendous, if applied in the right way. And no matter what, they will talk about you anyway, so you’d better be involved.

It was a great afternoon, with a very enthusiastic audience that was open and willing to investigate the opportunities of social networking further.

And, of course, another Amazing Moment, together with the Berlin Bear


Plugg Conference March 19, Brussels

Next week we’re going to Brussels to attend the first Plugg Conference, a European Perspective on Web 2.0. A good opportunity to get an overview of where we are in Europe. They’ve developed an interesting programme, with speakers like Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) and Rebecca Jennings (Forrester research). There is a Entrepeneur panel, which is going to discuss how to conduct web business and raise venture capital in Europe compared to e.g. the USA. And last but no least, actually it’s a part I very much look forward to, there is the Start up Rally. Twenty start-up companies give a 2-minute elevator pitch to the audience, followed by feedback from experts after which the audience may select three finalists that will go into round 2. There they’ll give a 10-minute presentation after which the professional jury will select a winner. What’s the prize? No idea,but the road to it will be very interesting.

So my expectations? Inspiration, entertainment and good networking opportunities. I will keep you posted…


Listen to the master

You don’t have to take our word for granted, take Mr Rosenblum’s on the last DNA conference. Make sure to watch the entire series. Highly recommended.

New Patent for Customized Podcasting

Apple has posted a patent which could potentialy be very interesting for the podcast community. The patent describes a possibility to customize a podcast from various different podcasts based on personal preferences and download the combined one.

In theory one can for example say: I want to know some news on the latest developments in the world, after that I want to listen what happened in my home town, followed by some sports. The selection could look like this:


In such a way the use of more podcast sources is stimulated. It is ‘tailor-made’ information acquisition in optima forma. I’m just very curious what will happen to the podcast advertising market (which of course can be skipped).

More info here.

Retro Social Media

Aaaahhh… those good-ol’ days.. Guess what, social media is much older than you think.

Social Media in the Nineties

Final Cut

Six months, twice a week, 500 kilometers per week, three assignments. That’s how our last half year looked like. Our course ‘Digital Video Producer’ on the College of Multimedia in Amsterdam started in August, and last Saturday we celebrated the achievement of reaching the finish line. We started with about 15 people, and only about one third eventually made it.

It was tough, but it was great fun. The learning curve was enormous, and thanks to our sensai übermaster ‘we’ll-fix-it-in-post’ Harry Creemers we really expanded our knowledge on digital video editing. You can see some of our achievements here, here and here.

Now we wait for the final judgement: our main assignment and theoretical exam. We’ll keep you posted…


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