100% DigiRedo

After more than 1 year of having a double job, I have finally made the leap of faith. Since April 1st I can dedicate myself completely to DigiRedo. Things go well, New Media is booming, and the power of it is recognized by more and more people. Companies start to see the benefits of communicating in an open, honest and engaged way. So I quit my job with Intervet International (one of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies) after 7 years of loyal service. And loyalty pays off…’cause only 2 days later (!) I was invited by my former employee on behalf of DigiRedo to talk about New Media. Fantastic.

Still, it was kind of a funny feeling…walking around with a visitor pass…

On the other side

Usually we go to a congress, grab our camera and interview people. This time it wat the other way around. Join us to see René doing his best to be interviewed at the Plugg 2008 congress. For more interviews and an impression of this event click here.

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