Our videos premier in the Life Science Reporter

Proud to announce that our partnership with Jacob Fleming is providing them the possibility to show in-depth interviews with:

It sure is a privilege to have had the opportunity to talk to these people.

Check out the Life Science Reporter here (more interesting stuff in there)

Our white paper on internal podcasting – Business Case

One of our core products is podcasting. We believe that companies should explore the potential of this new medium much more and we evangalize this as much as we can. One of our customers wanted to try out podcasting for the communication of a new internal strategy. The project is running now for more than half a year and we gained a lot of expertise and insights in this ambitious project.

We have been presenting the business case on several congresses. Read our white paper we wrote based on one of these congresses here (courtesy of Jacob Fleming Conferences).

Our interview with Craig

Craig DeLarge is Associate Director at Novo Nordisk in the US. We met and talked with him before on a pharma congress and at the latest Jacob Fleming 4th Annual Achieving Pharma Marketing Congress we got the chance to interview him on the latest developments of Web 2.0 (or the collaborative web, as he calls it) in the pharma world.

Craig is a great guy with a passion on the topic. Check out also his blog Wiseworking.

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