Live from Tanzania!

Eleven o’clock in the evening. Doing some postproduction work.

My iChat beeps on the screen. I see René is online and from thousands of miles away somewhere in Tanzania he tries to establish a connection with the Western part of the world. I accept the invitation and seconds later he appears full screen on my Mac.

We live in an interesting time, communication-wise…

PS: You can’t hear my voice. Missed a button somewhere, most probably.

All packed up and ready to go…

Sipping my coffee at Schiphol airport, waiting to board the plane. A large cappuccino, and it’s a good one. I need it. It was an early start this morning. Although I normally do not check in more than 2 hours before, this time I wanted to be early on the airport and arrived at 7.15 am, three hours before departure. Just to have time to do some shopping (and disillusion crept in: it’s not cheaper here! Thought to make a world deal with a consumer HD camcorder, but no way, I have seen them cheaper even with tax) and to write a short blogpost.

It will take me until Wednesday morning before I will arrive in the Serengeti. First, Kenya Airways will take me to Nairobi where I will stay over for one night. Tomorrow I will travel to Arusha by bus and on Wednesday morning I will take a plane to Seronera, from which I directly go into the national park to visit the team of Sarah Cleaveland.

I am excited. Although I have traveled most continents, Africa south of the Sahara is one of the regions of the world I have never been. And it’s a fantastic project. From more than one viewpoint. Primarily because it’s such a great feel-good project, letting the world know of this lives-saving project, eradicating one of the most horrifying infectious disease, for both man and animal. But not only that. For me personally it is this unique combination of my ‘first’ and ‘second’ professional life: combining my history as a veterinarian with my current life as a new media-maker.

I feel privileged.

To be continued…

Let’s help to make the world a better place

In our short existence we have done a variety of assignments, all of which were equally challenging and interesting from a communication point of view. It’s good to see an increasing number of people believing in the power of new media.

Today we are proud to present the beginning of one of our most challenging assignments: the participation of a video production on rabies vaccination in Tanzania.

Intervet/Schering Plough Animal Health has set up a project in the Serengeti called ‘Afya Serengeti’ (meaning health of Serengeti) with the sole purpose to help the local population vaccinating the domestic dogs against rabies. With the donation of rabies vaccine in combination with the education of the people they help to bring down the outbreaks of this deadly disease (according to the World Health Organization it is estmated that each year 55,000 people die from rabies and approx. 10 million receiving treatment after being exposed to animals thought to have the disease).

We are asked to produce a series on the work of Sarah Cleaveland, a veterinary epidemiologist currently based in the Serengeti. Here she executes one of the largest large-scale rabies control programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa. We work closely together with Tendeka Matatu from TEN10 Films. Tendeka is a multi-award winner of various films and will shoot the series in Tanzania.

DigiRedo is asked to take care of the entire postproduction process and distribution through new media formats (podcasting, web videos, DVD). Together with Blue Zebra PR we will make sure the world will learn about this important project.

Today René will leave to Tanzania to facilitate with the shooting of the series. For one week he will be side by side with Sarah, her team and Tendeka to capture their important work on Digital Video. The first episode of the series is expected in two weeks time.

We are honoured to put our expertise to work for such a unique initiative.

Check out some amazing pictures of the project here.

Consumer 2.0

Sometimes you run into a white paper which is hitting the nail on the head. We have been talking about the new consumer. The consumer who doesn’t belief advertisement anymore, who is mashing-up elements of his/her favorite brand and is blogging away his highs and lows in brand experience.

We found a white paper describing just this. And more importantly, how to engage with the Consumer 2.0. You might be in an industry where there are no Consumers 2.0 yet. But eventually they will come. Whether they are plain consumers, patients or even your employees. You better start thinking about it.

Check out the white paper from RepNation here.

What’s important anyway?

You might wonder why it has been a bit quite lately. Well, for one is that René is currently having a holiday in Colombia and I have been engaged with some other activities, as you can see in the picture below.

Her name is Yara and she was born on April 30. Isn’t she pretty?

It’s true, for men the concept of ‘having a kid’ starts really to kick in only after birth. The 9 months prior to this remain a bit vague for us. There’s nothing growing inside of us, we don’t have morning sickness (apart from Sunday mornings) and have no bad days (well, not an awful lot). Now you really start to think and prioroitize your responsibilities. Will I be a good father? What will I do different than my parents? What will I do the same?

Of course, the single most important thing is that she is and remains healthy. Full stop. But also, what kind of world will she grow up? We do know a few things however:

  • Her life expectancy is about 81 years
  • World population at age 50 will be around 9 billion
  • Fossil fuel will be replaced by other energy sources
  • An average iPod on her 16th birthday will have a capacity of 800 GB and can hold 200,000 songs
  • The average computer will have a speed of 12 THz (12,000 GHz) by the time she finishes university

Interesting times. Now back to the diapers…

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