What’s important anyway?

You might wonder why it has been a bit quite lately. Well, for one is that René is currently having a holiday in Colombia and I have been engaged with some other activities, as you can see in the picture below.

Her name is Yara and she was born on April 30. Isn’t she pretty?

It’s true, for men the concept of ‘having a kid’ starts really to kick in only after birth. The 9 months prior to this remain a bit vague for us. There’s nothing growing inside of us, we don’t have morning sickness (apart from Sunday mornings) and have no bad days (well, not an awful lot). Now you really start to think and prioroitize your responsibilities. Will I be a good father? What will I do different than my parents? What will I do the same?

Of course, the single most important thing is that she is and remains healthy. Full stop. But also, what kind of world will she grow up? We do know a few things however:

  • Her life expectancy is about 81 years
  • World population at age 50 will be around 9 billion
  • Fossil fuel will be replaced by other energy sources
  • An average iPod on her 16th birthday will have a capacity of 800 GB and can hold 200,000 songs
  • The average computer will have a speed of 12 THz (12,000 GHz) by the time she finishes university

Interesting times. Now back to the diapers…

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