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Some pictures say more than a thousands words. Such as this one.

Inspiring National Marketing Day in Holland

Yesterday, June 25, the first (Dutch) National Marketing Day (NL) was organized in Nieuwegein, which is in the center of Holland. Quite comfortable for me, as I live in Utrecht, just a few kilometers away from the Business Center where this event took place. The entire event was free of charge(!), which is special on one hand, but not so surprising on the other as we currently live in a world where we give away a lot in exchange for contact, conversation and knowledge. Main sponsors for this event were Marketing Tribune (NL), Marketing Facts (NL), MEC (NL) and Emerce (NL), so, to all three, a great big thank you from DigiRedo in making this event possible.

Not only free, an exiting event as well I must say. A lot of interesting and inspiring speakers, among which Richard van Hooijdonk from Marketing Monday (NL). Richard is one of the most important consultants in Holland on Marketing 2.0. We had a short interview with him.

There was more: Joris van Heukelom (NL), the new CEO of Ilse Media (NL), the largest internet publisher in The Netherlands, told us that the internet is still in its infancy, more and more changes are to be expected within a short period of our time. Those of you who think that we’ve just passed the biggest wave of change are wrong. Says van Heukelom.

That significant changes are to be expected shortly was demonstrated by Menno van Doorn (NL) of VINT, a research institute in new technology. Together with VINT colleagues, Menno wrote the book, Me the Media, about the history and future of the third media revolution. An interesting book (which we immediately have ordered, a review will follow).
But that was not the most astonishing of the presentation, the demonstration of augmented reality was. Soon, it will be possible to pull up graphics out of your tv, computer or mobile phone that will become an integrated part of you environment. (See also How stuff works). In the demo a virtual car appeared on he table. And if that wasn’t enough, someone in the audience was asked to park the car in a parking lot, that was drwn o a piece of paper. Talking about experience…

We’re curious where marketing is by the time of the second National Marketing Day…

Networking, networking, networking

A good candidate to become buzz-word of the year 2008: networking. Social networking to be exact. The ‘Digikring Groot Amsterdam‘, a society that tries to create an environment for entrepreneurs in the IT and multimedia sector to exchange knowledge, stimulate cooperation and networking between its members, organized a meeting around social communities last Thursday evening (June 19). Three speakers were invited:

– Lode Broekman (Broekman Marketing Advies), who gave a good overview of the principles and mechanisms of social networks and what they mean for us, now and in the future. (Click here for Lode’s presentation)

– Carla Brinkman (founder Moonfield) on the critical success factors, pitfalls and perspectives for the future of corporate networks. Unfortunately her presentation was not too inspiring, which to me was a missed opportunity on this very exiting subject. (Click here for Carla’s presentation)

– Pascal Spelier (director Flametree), who enthusiastically introduced Flametree, a recently started corporate network for entrepreneurs. Flametree is powered by ABN AMRO and used by The Bank as a service to support entrepreneurs in building their business network. (Click here for Pascal’s presentation)

We had an interview with Pascal:

An interesting evening, where we made some potentially valuable contacts. We seriously are considering becoming a member of this Digikring.

Amazing Moments 4: OSCAR workshop, the sky is the limit

Earlier this week it was OSCAR time again…

We developed OSCAR is a training tool where digital storytelling is used as an instrument for project management, team building, leadership development, strategy development and change management. The purpose of OSCAR is to produce a film around a certain subject within 1 day. The trainees produce the entire film, from script to final edit. In addition people learn about the power of rich media. While working on their production, they are tested on their skills such as communication, planning, organizing and co-operation.

Together with one of our partners, Insights International (a well-known training company specialized in Project- and program management), we organized an OSCAR workshop for a real estate company as a kick-off event for a training on Communication and co-operation. Location: Castle Sterkenburg (website is in Dutch) in Driebergen, The Netherlands. A very inspiring environment.

Two groups of 6 people enthusiastically managed to produce a short clip of three minutes. The assignment was to give their view on the identity of the company. Although I cannot reveal the final videos, I can tell you it was hilarious, entertaining and educational. Not only did everyone enjoy the experience, it also gave an insight in how they work with each other. Which form the basis for the rest of the training. And the winners were pleased with the mostly desirable OSCAR Award!

It is amazing how people use their creative skills and ‘living’ the roles they have been assigned to. An impression:

Professional equipment ensures a smooth production phase – and it impresses people too

The postproduction is the part where the people see the pieces falling together

Or have to decide to shoot scenes again

OSCAR has winners, but no losers

But the best was saved for last. As a surprise, the managers of the company organised a balloon trip. The circumstances were perfect: clear sky, not too cold and not too much wind. And what they say is true, once your in the air, there is no wind! (makes sense, doesn’t it?)

So, literally, for this OSCAR, the sky was the limit.

Second appearance in Life Science Reporter

A special edition. Well, well.

Check out here for our video interviews with:

Ian Talmage, Senior Vice President – Global Strategic Marketing
Bayer Schering Pharma, Germany

Keith Allan, Head of Global Advocacy
Novartis, Switzerland

Nazmul Hassan, CEO
Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh

Home – a massive new media project

We all know that our climate is changing, and yet little seems to be done about it. Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ has deserved its place in history, but let’s all continue the way we have been doing for the last 50 years. Consuming.

One of the things I never understood from the innitiatives of Al Gore was that his film was difficult to get for free. Such an important message and still one had to buy the DVD in the shop. For some not an issue, but for many a treshold. For example, my mother wanted to show the movie in an association but couldn’t because she had to pay rights. Of course one could find it in the various torrent sites, but we all know that’s bad karma.

That’s exactly what Yann Arthus-Bertrand must have thought when he started his massive project ‘HOME’.

From the website:

“Yann Arthus – Bertrand takes us on an original journey all around the planet, to contemplate her, to understand her. HOME will help us understand our relationship with our planet. The film is a travel notebook, showing landscapes from above….”

So far nothing new. A beautiful movie about our -still- beautiful planet. But then it gets interesting:

“The movie aims at being broadcasted for free on a global scale. Its only profit will be the sharing of an emergency call by all the countries of the world. HOME is a hymn to the planet and the mankind. HOME must be shared everywhere, by everybody”

As I understood, € 20 million is allocated to make sure that everybody will be able to see the movie, for free. Now, how’s that for Digital Rights Management?

Check out the trailer here:

Second Life and Pharma – An Undiscovered Possibility?

We all know Second Life (SL) as the virtual world where you can meet likewise and not-likewise people online in a 1995-ish 3D environment. The concept itself is quite intriguing: anonymously one can ‘talk’ to people, share thoughts, explore the world, buy stuff and even have sex. SL is quite popular, resulting in some ‘Second Life millionairs’.

Many marketers know the existence of SL, and yet only few understand it and exploit the opportunities. Already tough for consumer marketing, let alone for Pharma marketers.

No reason for Craig DeLarge, Associate Director at NovoNordisk to explore these opportunities and risks and share these findings with us in his recent article in the Medical Marketing & Media. We know Craig is a frontrunner as far as the use of New Media in pharma is concerned and in many aspects we agree with his ideas. As we do, he evangelizes the use of new communication tools in the marketing mix, or at least start experimenting with them.

Check out his article here.

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