Content Management Systems Conference 2008

While we are awaiting further news from Tanzania I found this article I still needed to post.

Last Wednesday, May 21st, we went to the 2008 edition of Content Managemet Systems (CMS) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Many of our activities make use of a CMS, and we are also working on some projects which heavily use CMS. Not bad to dive a bit into the matter, we thought.

The conference was entitled “Anytime Online”, hinting to the Web 2.0 trends. Vincent Evers, the Dutch sort of  Scobble but in his own unique way, was moderator of the day and opened the congress with a vivid presentation (as we are used to). Next, several subjects could be chosen to attend, such as for example SEO marketing, usability, community systems, user generated content and much more.

Beig a newbie on CMS we were not really impressed. A lot of the presentations were from vendors, trying to ‘sell’ their product. Moreover, the quality of most speakers was poor (exceptions being the rule, such as Vincent for example).

Of course we learned new stuff (you always learn something), if it was only that most CMS vendors have a difficult time to disticht one to another.

Check out Vincent’s video-impression here. The full program you can find here.

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