Second Life and Pharma – An Undiscovered Possibility?

We all know Second Life (SL) as the virtual world where you can meet likewise and not-likewise people online in a 1995-ish 3D environment. The concept itself is quite intriguing: anonymously one can ‘talk’ to people, share thoughts, explore the world, buy stuff and even have sex. SL is quite popular, resulting in some ‘Second Life millionairs’.

Many marketers know the existence of SL, and yet only few understand it and exploit the opportunities. Already tough for consumer marketing, let alone for Pharma marketers.

No reason for Craig DeLarge, Associate Director at NovoNordisk to explore these opportunities and risks and share these findings with us in his recent article in the Medical Marketing & Media. We know Craig is a frontrunner as far as the use of New Media in pharma is concerned and in many aspects we agree with his ideas. As we do, he evangelizes the use of new communication tools in the marketing mix, or at least start experimenting with them.

Check out his article here.

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