Home – a massive new media project

We all know that our climate is changing, and yet little seems to be done about it. Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ has deserved its place in history, but let’s all continue the way we have been doing for the last 50 years. Consuming.

One of the things I never understood from the innitiatives of Al Gore was that his film was difficult to get for free. Such an important message and still one had to buy the DVD in the shop. For some not an issue, but for many a treshold. For example, my mother wanted to show the movie in an association but couldn’t because she had to pay rights. Of course one could find it in the various torrent sites, but we all know that’s bad karma.

That’s exactly what Yann Arthus-Bertrand must have thought when he started his massive project ‘HOME’.

From the website:

“Yann Arthus – Bertrand takes us on an original journey all around the planet, to contemplate her, to understand her. HOME will help us understand our relationship with our planet. The film is a travel notebook, showing landscapes from above….”

So far nothing new. A beautiful movie about our -still- beautiful planet. But then it gets interesting:

“The movie aims at being broadcasted for free on a global scale. Its only profit will be the sharing of an emergency call by all the countries of the world. HOME is a hymn to the planet and the mankind. HOME must be shared everywhere, by everybody”

As I understood, € 20 million is allocated to make sure that everybody will be able to see the movie, for free. Now, how’s that for Digital Rights Management?

Check out the trailer here:

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