Networking, networking, networking

A good candidate to become buzz-word of the year 2008: networking. Social networking to be exact. The ‘Digikring Groot Amsterdam‘, a society that tries to create an environment for entrepreneurs in the IT and multimedia sector to exchange knowledge, stimulate cooperation and networking between its members, organized a meeting around social communities last Thursday evening (June 19). Three speakers were invited:

– Lode Broekman (Broekman Marketing Advies), who gave a good overview of the principles and mechanisms of social networks and what they mean for us, now and in the future. (Click here for Lode’s presentation)

– Carla Brinkman (founder Moonfield) on the critical success factors, pitfalls and perspectives for the future of corporate networks. Unfortunately her presentation was not too inspiring, which to me was a missed opportunity on this very exiting subject. (Click here for Carla’s presentation)

– Pascal Spelier (director Flametree), who enthusiastically introduced Flametree, a recently started corporate network for entrepreneurs. Flametree is powered by ABN AMRO and used by The Bank as a service to support entrepreneurs in building their business network. (Click here for Pascal’s presentation)

We had an interview with Pascal:

An interesting evening, where we made some potentially valuable contacts. We seriously are considering becoming a member of this Digikring.

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