Amazing Moments 6 – Croc attack

I still owe you something…this Amazing Moment in the Serengeti. I will not say too much, just watch:

Professional nature filmmakers spent hours and hours, often waiting in difficult circumstances, just to get that one shot. It took me only 5 minutes (and lots of luck). With that in the back of your mind, take a look at the video below…(if you haven’t seen it yet).

It’s no surprise that this video has been viewed 34,690,615 times (and counting). It’s spectacular, authentic and an unbelievable story with a happy ending. On top of that, it’s one of the most viewed videos on YouTube and winner of the YouTube Eyewitness Video Award. It even has it’s own website: And it’s made by an amateur.

David Budzinski, a supply manager from Chevron in Houston, made the film during his first visit to Africa in September 2004. Just a tourist on safari in the Kruger National Park. They encountered a group of lions sunbathing close to a watering hole when a herd of buffalo’s passed by. The tour guide suggested to observe the group for some time. After an hour the spectacular scene took place. It was breathtaking. “At the moment the crocodile and the lions were fighting for the poor calve, I wanted to turn off the camera”, Budzinski said in an interview. “I didn’t want a bloody mess.” Luckily he didn’t and a feel-good story was born. Someone suggested to Budzinski that he sould try to sell the video, which he did. He contacted several stations like National Geographic and Animal Planet but everywhere he received the same reply: “We don’t accept footage from amateurs”

Until the video took off on YouTube. Millions of people watched it and shared it with friends and family. After more than 30 million views National Geographic contacted Budzinski in order to purchase the television rights of the video (price unknown). On top of that, National Geographic sent David Budzinski back to South Africa to make a documentary on the video: Caught on Safari, the Battle at Kruger, which National Geographic recently broadcasted. And with that Budzinski set another record: the first hour-long documentary that was inspired by a YouTube videoclip.

Poor professional sods, still lying there, waiting in the mud or in the burning desert, surrounded by flies and other annoying flying and crawling creatures, persistent and motivated by just that one comforting guarantee…”they will not accept any footage from amateurs…”

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