Sandflies caught on tape

Meet Bob. Professor Bob.

Bob knows an awful lot about sandflies and a devastating disease these little mosquito-like creatures may carry: leishmaniasis. The disease is caused by a little parasite and the dog plays a significant role in the reproduction process of this parasite.

We went to see Bob in the south of France, to make a video-series about all things biting your dog.

In two days we shot 10 videos about several subjects related to parasites on your dog (hence the title of the concept will be ‘What’s biting my dog?’). Bob explained in clear and understandable terms the technical aspects of parasitology, a rather complicated subject. Bob did this in such an engaging way that we are confident that this series will be a hit.

Also for Bob this was new. “Finally, after so many years I have the ability to talk directly to dog owners”, Bob says. “We, the scientific community, is often accused of not being able to communicate clearly what we are doing. It all remains high level. With new technologies we can reach many people with so little effort”.

We had a great time in France, also thanks to the hospitality of Bob and his wife. The main production is done, up to the post production.

The production team with the host (left to right): Erik, Remco, Bob, René

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