US, here we come!

Passport, credit card, ticket, some clothes, camera, mic… It seems that I’m set to start one of the most interesting trips in my career as a New Media entrepeneur. First I fly to New York where I participate in a small expert group discussion of one of our clients to brainstorm about the use of new (social) media in the marketing of one of their products. They have collected a truly remarkable group of people and it is the intention to come up with some innovative concepts. The session will be moderated by CScout, a company specialized in trendwatching. Google is one of the participants as well, and to create a ‘stimulating’ environment we’re going to have one day of the session in the Google office… (I wanna have a step too!)

Next I stay a few days in New York to buy some hardware …I mean, do some sightseeing.

On Monday I fly to Vegas for the annual Podcast and New Media Expo. René will arrive the next day and before Mieke arrives on Wednesday we’ve already been in all the exciting attractions (sorry Mieke, but we’ll go twice if we have to).

The big thing starts on Thursday, all the way through Saturday. The program really looks compelling and we claim sponge Bob our hero again (yes, we do absorb the most knowledge when we’re sitting on the first row).

After the New Media Expo René hurries home to dive into the dipers again, and Mieke and I are heading East to visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth (apart from Boxmeer, that is). This however has nothing to do with new media, so we just call it ‘holiday’…

Keep an eye on our blog since we intend to post a lot, or follow me on Twitter.

Bye for now!

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