New Media Expo in just 3 days!

Packed and ready! Tomorrow morning I will follow Erik to Las Vegas for the 4th annual New Media Expo. I am very much looking forward to it, for many reasons.

First is to meet up again with him and to hear about his New York experiences first-hand. Good to see him again. It’s in this business marriage almost as with my wife in my real marriage…after a few days you start missing each other…

Second reason is to enjoy the madness of Vegas, the most artificial city in the world. A bit of black-jack, enjoy the Stratosphere Insanity Ride, go to the Blue Man Group and more. Fun guaranteed.

But most and for all it is to suck up all the new energy, ideas and inspiration form the New Media Expo, the best conference in it’s kind. Looking forward to see what the Podcast Brothers have organized for us and to see where New Media stands, one year after our first visit to this exiting meeting.

We will try to create some great footage for all of you who cannot join but still want to taste a little bit of it. We will update you on the most interesting new ideas and we hope to bring you some nice interviews with some of the big guys in New Media. Who knows we can catch up with Paul Colligan, who we interviewed earlier at the Corporate Podcast Summit in London in 2007 (part 1 and part 2), or with Leo Laporte, one of our heroes from MacBreakWeekly, the guy who can talk marathons and make the most exiting combination of top class BS and up to date Apple talk. And of course we hope to have a chat, as last year, with Tim Bourquin, founder of the Expo, and ask him what has changed in the past year in New Media. But no doubt there are many more interesting people we could try to get in front of our camera…more celebrities? And last but not least…the After Parties…

One thing is very different from last year, this time we have an ace in our hands that might be of help (in Vegas for sure)…I won’t say more than Blond and Beautiful…

To remind you of last years event, please take another look at:

– our interview with Jim Louderback:

– our report on New versus Old Media shot at the New Media Expo 2007 (with Tim Bourquin):

– and our interview with Ryan and Dorkman:

Stay tuned.

Macca of Mac Zealots

You really didn’t believe that I was going to leave New York without a visit to the Apple Store? The Apple Store? I heard that during daytime the crowd was too overwhelming and the line to get in obnoxious long. So I thought I paid the Glass Cube a visit around 11 pm. Conveniently located nearby my hotel on 5th Avenue, there it was, in the middle of a little square. 

The Apple logo clearly lit and the place buzzing of people. You go down the well-known glass stairs, entering the divine place of The Apple. Several priests walk around with little devices in their hand. It later turned out that you can pay at those priests. The Apple Store has no cashiers so basically you can pay anywhere. 

There was a line waiting to catch a glimpse of the latest Apple Relic: the iPhone 3G. A direct descendant from Lord Jobs, this little device once owned will change your life forever. Each day this line forms again since there are only a few hundreds of iPhones arriving each day. The faithful followers receive a voucher with which they can stand in line for about 5 to 6 hours. After the necessary ceremonial monetary exchange they go home. Happier, fullfilled, and yet again an increased status.

Everybody who knows me a bit better realizes that I will stand in line for a few hours as well, obeying the Reality Distortion Field (RDF) of Steve Jobs. Unfortunately it isn’t possible anymore to just buy the iPhone, get it through customs and hack it away. Now I have to learn to live with the fact that there are people in Oss (of all places) who surpass me in this ever frantic race of coolness…

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