New Media Expo takes off like a rocket with Gary Vaynerchuk

The New Media Expo 2008 took off like a rocket. First keynote of Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV. Gary, a first generation Russian immigrant who loves the NY Jets and dreams of buying the tam one day, just gave a very energetic presentation. He produces and hosts a very successful podcast show on one of his biggest passions, wine. His key to success:

  • Know your DNA, and do what you want to do
  • Know the 2 C’s: Community and Content
  • We all know it, Content is King, but don’t forget that Marketing is Queen and the Queen runs the household.
  • Be everywhere, on every platform available
  • Love your fans, and answer all their e-mail
  • Patience, patience, patience and you will get there

His biggest mistake: his twitter name, garyvee. Why? Nobody can find him, it’s damaging his brand.

This kick-start sets the tone for the rest of the coming three days.

Here we go…

The team is complete, the plans have been made. We’re ready for a two and a half day of intense sessions on all things new media. Outside it’s 38 degrees Celcius, inside in the Las Vegas Convention Centre a plethora of subjects will be discussed. Join us digitally in this exciting journey and read here first hand our impressions. Videos will follow later (depending on the speed of the internet connectivity…duh!)

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