DigiRedo does IBC


Being a New Media company it sometimes doesn’t hurt to have a reality-check. Of course we know that traditionel media is wrong. And that New media, authenticity and communities are the way forward. However, the traditional media market is still a big market. A bloody big market.

Off we went to Amsterdam, to visit the annual International Broadcast Congress 2008 (IBC 2008). This congress is surely the biggest in its kind and it almost occupied the entire RAI (Amsterdam Convention Centre). Hundreds of exhibitors were showcasing their goods to an eager and media-hungry audience. The four hours we had available were ample enough to skim through the first floor, let alone the second, third, fourth, fifth… IBC Japanese tour it was. Seen it – been there, check, next one.

We could only stop at a few places and having so many exhibitors that surely was a pitty. Not all was equally interesting (e.g. the ‘new media’ hall was only an extension of other traditional media gear) but we did found some stuff we’re sure we’re going to keep an eye on, such as this handy device for levering your camera. Trust us, after four hours of shooting you wished you had such a thing.

After the IBC we went to the first Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet, also in Amsterdam. In about four hours various presentations were given on all things Final Cut Pro. The most amazing presentation however was from Adobe, showcasing their next version of Creative Suite. One of the features is the automatic transcription of the spoken word in plain English, searchable text. A very interesting development for podcast producers and webvideo content creators.

All in all a useful afternoon, although next time we’ll spenda bit bit longer on the expo floor, and prepare a bit better.

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