Audio Indexing from Google Labs

They say great inventions are invented simultaneously around the world. So I was writing yesterday about a cool feature in Adobe’s Creative Suite 4 where video is transcribed and searchable, today I learned that Google has launched it’s Gaudi (Google Audio Indexing) in their Google Labs. 

Although still in it’s infancy the application looks promising. I can’t wait to lay my hands on the API.

DigiRedo does Apple Expo

Once upon a time, it was exciting to go to the Apple Expo in Paris. Being one of the few (read: only) large exhibitions on Mac you felt for a few days immersed in the wealth of Mac stuff, stuff that actually works on your rather obscure computer. And, as a major highlight of your trip you could see Steve. In his causal jeans and turtleneck Steve radiated his Reality Distortion Field upon us, mere mortals, in his keynote. Being there among the hardcore of the Mac geek culture felt a kind of strange. But good strange in a way.

Of course, we’re talking 7 years ago or so. Seven long years in which a lot has changed, including the market share of the Mac and the Apple Expo in Paris. Gone are the keynotes, and gone is even Apple! Fortunately I went to Paris to participate in an Innovation Workshop so that at least my trip was worthwile. The Expo itself was pretty much worthless.

First of all I subscribed to a few lectures (Internet TV, iPhone applications…). Although the website was in English, the lectures were not. And since my knowledge of the French language is stuck at high school level it was a hard time. I went to one session and left the rest to the French Mac geeks.

The expo floor was covered with accessoiries for the iPhone/iPod. I know it’s a multi-billion industry by now, and that becomes pretty obvious on such events. You might think that fierce competition increases the innovatitive power of vendors. Well, not the case for iPod/iPhone accessoiries (I don’t count ‘new color in a new plastic wrapping’ innovative).

The most amazing place however was the Microsoft stand, where Microsoft was promoting Vista (on a Mac, that is). Strange…

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