Dutch are supernetworkers


According to a recent article in the Dutch magazine Intermediair are Dutch people champions in digital networking. A study executed by Synovate shows that 49% of the population is a member of at least one digital social network such as Hyves (most popular in this country), LinkedIn or Facebook. Compared to the US, cradle of digital social networks, only 40% is active. According to Synovate’s President Reinier Heutink: “The Netherlands has always been a front runner on the internet, so it’s no surprise also in digital networking”.

“Another explanation may be the fact that Dutch people are traders and have an open view”, says Albert Benschop, sociologist and specialized in internet behaviour. “At the same time Dutch people are very much dependent from each other due to the dikes and water, which increases solidarity. They like to ‘polder’ “. (discuss and negotiate endlessly about anything. Red). May be with these two characteristics one can explain the popularity of networks.

I don’t know whether we are ‘supernetworkers’ or not, but in the meantime I’m having fun with the inclusion of apps in the updated LinkedIn.

Source: Intermediair

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