Enterprise 2.0 and innovation

Just got a tip from a friend to look at a report being published by the Butler Group about Enterprise 2.0. I talked about that in previous posts, but what is Enterprise 2.0 anyway?

There are a lot of definitions for this new developemnt in business. For example, wikipedia says:

Enterprise 2.0 is a catchier term sometimes used to describe social and networked changes to enterprise, which often includes social software (but is not limited to it, nor to either social collaboration or software); and Enterprise Web 2.0 sometimes describes the introduction and implementation of Web 2.0 technologies within the enterprise including those rich internet applications, providing software as a service, and using the web as a general platform.

The way I see it personally is a coalescence (=samenvoeging) of many activities in the development of an innovation process within organizations. On the one hand we have the technology and related tools (wikis, blogs, RSS, podcasts) and on the other hand we have the ‘collaboration’ which is formed because of these development. Specifically this collaboration can cause a significant improvement in the innovation processes, be it by co-creation with stakeholders or by the improvement of internal collaboration due to a better transparency in the (innovation) busines processes. Especially the combination of technique, socio-cultural aspects and business processes I find very intruiging.

Of course we always have to stay in touch with reality. Enterprise 2.0 (or whatever term they come up with) will come eventually, but not at the same pace in different industries. Many industries may appear conservative, so we have to be careful in talking ‘too loud’ about these developments, internally but especially externally. 

But may be little snippets of these technologies may be used in innovation processes. To facilitate, generate and communicate. Rest assure that if you do, you will make mistakes. But you will also be way in advance to your competitors. And if Enterprise 2.0 becomes mainstream (just as the telex, fax, mobile phone, internet connection on your desktop computer and e-mail) you are prepared.

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