We’ve come a long way

Around 1994 was my first confrontation with a Mac. Coming from the Commodore  Amiga world I was desperately ‘lost’ in the entire ‘PC’ world, a world which was forced upon me by the university, companies, friends and family. No icons in this world, no pull down menus. The first attempts of Microsoft to create a GUI with Windows 3.1 were at first pathetic. But I had to go with the flow. At least to be able to make some research papers for my study.

And then came the Mac. It was a small Mac Classic, snoozing on my desk at Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium (the entire company was on Macs then). It could do pop up screens -called windows-, there were pull down menus and even a metaphore for the desktop. I was sold.

From that day onwards, till today I have never looked back and owned several Macs. You have to know that now it’s OK to own a Mac. Actually, it’s pretty cool. But in those earlier days you were an outcast, a true loser supporting a company on the verge of bankrupcy (which was actually true at that time).

The battle between the two camps (Windows vs. Mac) was fierce and last till today. One weapon Mac bashers loved to throw at you is shouting that the ‘Mac was a toy’, with all those colorful icons and strange form factors.

Well, we came a long way, didn’t we?


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