Second software vendor: Awareness Inc.


Sometimes companies design their websites in such a way that it actually results in an action from the visitor and hence in a lead for sales. I was searching the internet for social media articles and I stumbled upon a white paper written by a company called Awareness. This company is specialized in software for communities, basically the same as Jive Software I wrote about in an earlier post.

If I wanted to obtain the white paper I needed to fill in some contact details (that’s why they create white papers – but I’ll write about white paper marketing later). They seem to use it how it is supposed to because three days later I received an e-mail to discuss possibilities of their platform. They were lucky since we are actually looking for such a platform.

Yesterday we had a phone meeting with this company, and these were our findings:

  • Awareness software is chosen as one of the 7 platforms in a recent research by Forrester on the use of social media within companies.
  • Awareness has an open API so it can be used to enhance the platform
  • It’s built solely as a SaaS (Software as a Service, meaning that it runs on their servers and you don’t have to install anything on your computer.
  • It integrates with Identity Management, so you don’t need to have different usernames and passwords other than the ones you have at Intervet.
  • You can set permissions for categories, for creating content and for editing content.
  • They have a basic template for an innovation platform.
  • There’s no realy project management function.
  • If you want to take a part of your content external you need to build that from the beginning.
  • There’s no representation in Europe.

We clearly explained that their price might be just a bit prohibitive to continue since we are in the first phases not looking for 100,000s of users, just 50 or so. We need a platform which can grow with us (and yes, may be in the future to several thousands).

To be continued..

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