Innovation, global warming and ICT


Googling, podcasting, Facebook… nice but it does consume a lot of energy. Our society can’t live without ICT, but it does contribute to guaranteed wet feet in half of the Netherlands (you know, almost 50% of our country is below sea level). In Amsterdam only 80% of all ICT companies are located and they consume together some 20% of all energy consumption in our capital city. Sufficient reason to stimulate innovation in this field. And so Digikring Groot Amsterdam (a public organization for digital media companies in the Amsterdam area) organized  their Innovation Award.

Since we believe in ICT (duh) and we suddenly feel more responsible we have decided to sponsor this initiative.

On October 16 on the Science Park in Amsterdam the second edition of the Innovation Award was held. This year the theme was ‘ICT and CO2’ and about 40 national companies had sent in their ideas or concepts. Of those 40 concepts a jury nominated 6 companies divided into two categories to pitch their idea to an audience.

Catetgory 1: ICT neutral innovation

  • QUCOM BV with the ECO server – a low energy server
  • 4M88 BV with Distribute – a P2P solution for computer centres which makes servers redundant
  • Student Council University of Amsterdam – a CO2 neutral computer classroom


Catergory 2: ICT and CO2 innovation

  • The Green Garage with Tire on Pressure – a mobile service with an advanced software system checking and correcting the pressure on tires.
  • EIXs with the Energy Consumption Optimizer – software application calculating the energy consumption per student in a school and compare it with other schools.
  • Waleli with P-ace – a real-time location-based system to find free parking spots in Amsterdam (nooo, do we have a parking problem in Amsterdam?)


See the participants and the winners in the following video (Dutch):


SPOILER ALERT for English readers:

Winner in the category ICT and CO2 was Waleli, in the category ICT neutral was the ECO server. In addition, 4M88 took away the public prize.

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