Twitter, tweets and business

When I ask you whether you are already tweeting on Twitter, do you think about ornithology? Or do you think about collaboration and microsharing?

If you belong to the first group, I highly recommend the watch this video, where all is explained about Twitter and the use of it in business.

Thanks for the tip Shwen (via Twitter, of course)

One Response to Twitter, tweets and business

  1. shwen says:

    You’re welcome, Erik! Laura Finton of Pistachio Consulting (the person in the Twitter video) is one of the foremost experts in Twitter and it’s application in business.

    If anyone’s interested in learning more, I also recommend: subscribing to her blog (, checking out her reading list (, and reading her Enterprise Microsharing whitepaper (

    For a broader, more simple explaination of Twitter in business, check out the O’Reilly Webcast here:


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